AirPods Max Magnetic Charging Stand (Black)


Designed specifically for the AirPods Max, this stand will magnetically charge and display your headphones in style. Professionally 3D printed using quality PLA thermoplastic filament, each stand took over 13 hours to manufacture—one tiny 0.15 mm layer at a time! Amaze your friends with this incredible technology that is revolutioning manufacturing!

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  • Thoughtfully designed exclusively for the AirPods Max (will NOT work with other headphones).
  • Keep your headphones "topped off"—no more fumbling with charging cables!
  • The base can be nicely weighted with U.S. pennies (not included).
  • All parts (including the magnetic charging cable) are easily replaceable (no glue required).
  • A tiny "window" on top allows you to see the power status of the charging cable.
  • If desired, stand can be easily sanded, primed, and painted to customize the look.
  • Included with purchase: five 3D printed parts (shell, hinge, left penny cover, right penny cover, and base), a magnetic charging cable (6 feet long), lightning port adapter, small fiberoptic "window" for top peephole, four (4) wood screws, instruction sheet.
  • PLEASE NOTE that these 3D printed parts will inherently have some minor layer lines and imperfections. This is normal and part of the "charm" of fused deposition modeling 3D fabricated parts. These have been minimized using professional 3D printers, smaller layer heights (0.15 mm), and appropriate support materials.


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— Cool Features —

Works With or Without Cover!

The charging stand works with most headphones covers. Here I have Spigen clear protective covers over the cans. The “hinge” part allows for some flexibility in cover sizes.

Lighting Adapter

A small adapter fit into the headphone’s lightning port. This adapter magnetically attaches to the charging stand and can be left in the headphone for convenience.

Lighting Port Adapter

A close up of the lightning port adapter that plugs into the headphones. This will allow the headphones to magnetically attach to the stand.

Floating Hinge Design

The magnetic charging cable is securely fastened to a “floating hinge”. This allows for some flexibility in placement of the headphones.

Underside of Stand

The hinge securely snaps into the assembly from the underside. 

Hinge Assembly

The magnetic charging head fits inside the hinge assembly. This allow the charging head to “float” which allows for some flexibility in headphone placement.

Small Power Status "Window"

A small “window” on top (made from a tiny piece of 5mm fiberoptic cable) allows easy viewing of the charging cable power status.

Nicely Weighted

The stand can be weighted with U.S. pennies (not included). Each column holds 11 pennies (you will need 99 total). The pennies are easily removable if needed.

Penny Covers

The two covers will keep all 99 pennies secure. The bottom of the stand will hold these covers firmly in place (no glue necessary).

Recessed Screws

The #6 x 1/2″ Xylan coated stainless screws are slightly recessed to prevent scratches to the surface underneath. Access inside is as easy as removing four screws.

— Notice —

This stand includes third party magnetic charging cables and adapters. As such, Really Koo Stuff LLC is not responsible for any headphone damage,  property damage, or personal injury caused by these third party accessories included with the purchase. A link has been provided for the magnetic charging cable for you to review the suitability of this item before purchase. For me, they have been working extremely well without issues.

Also, Really Koo Stuff LLC is not responsible to any scratches or cosmetic damage to the headphones caused by the charging stand. You may purchase a protective shell (not included) for the headphones if desired (I use this one from Spigen). The charging stand is designed to accommodate most third party protective shells for the Airpods Max.