Panasonic AG-CX350 Accessory Mount!!
Published onApril 14, 2021

On Rockets, Airplanes, and Camera Acessory Mounts!

Okay… What does a camcorder “cold shoe mount” have to with rockets, planes, and other cool (or Koo) stuff on this website? Well… nothing. At all. Like nada! This thing is about as exciting as water.

But… if you own a Panasonic AG-CX350 and want to use the side accessory mount to say (hypotethetically) put an accessory on it, guess what? You’re outta luck buddy? “Why oh why?!!” you longingly ask? Because Panasonic doesn’t make one! So, as they say (or maybe it was just my Dad), necessity is the mother of invention, and I made my own at 4:30 AM in a fit of designing frenzy…

Honestly, it was REFRESHING to take a break from CADing up (not sure that’s a real word) extremely complicated rockets like the N1 or Soyuz. This little doodad took me about 45 minutes to mock up with some calipers. The hardest part was figuring out the clearance for the hot shoe since getting calipers into those tiny spaces was pretty impossible. I had to eyeball it! Of course, this required multiple test prints as I figured out the dimension…

Anyway, if you are one of THREE people who have actually read this far AND you are interested in purchasing this “work of art”, now you can buy one (no thanks to Panasonic).


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